Hydration Replenisher

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  • Buy 15, 30 or 90 Stick Packets – mix with 12 oz water and drink.
  • Hydration anytime, anywhere – morning, evening, exercise & travel.
  • Electrolyte drink mix (sodium and potassium) with Vitamin C, D, B-Complex and Zinc for Immune Support.
  • Delicious, crisp watermelon lemonade flavor.
  • Made using Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Conveniently packaged & easy to carry anywhere.
  • Made in USA in an NSF, GMP, FDA registered facility.

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  • Life’s moments often require us to be performing our best. Staying hydrated is important in being your best daily. We wake up dehydrated everyday, exercise and travel depletes our electrolytes. Stay hydrated and stay prepared.
  • Immunity boosting ingredients – Vitamin C, D and zinc
  • Electrolytes from naturally occurring Pink Himalayan salt.


  • 1. Bring Hydration Replenisher with you anywhere, anytime
  • 2. Pour into at least 12 oz of water, mix thoroughly and drink.
  • 3. Be ready for life’s moments!


Ingredients backed by science. Electrolyte drink mix (sodium and potassium)with Vitamin C, D, B-Complex and Zinc for immune support. Only 5 grams of sugar (needed for proper absorption of electrolytes).


Sodium and potassium are the most important electrolytes for keeping you hydrated. Get the electrolytes without the excessive sugar of sports drinks.


Studies show that the 3 most important ingredients for maintaining and promoting immunity are Vitamin C, D and zinc.


Every year we host a super fun ****** Mystery. It’s the one night all of our friends let loose each year. I had a bowl of two boxes of DHM detox out for everyone and it was a huge success. It was my first time taking it and felt totally functional the next day! Definitely a must when we go out from now on.


My friends and I love this product! We all have noticed an improvement in our next day. There have been several times drinking where we wake up and think, "I should feel much worse than I do." Will definitely continue to use DHM's and tell everyone about it :) Thank you!!


I’m often in situations where having a few beers is a normal part of my job. These have been a great addition to those days and making sure I awake refreshed and operating at 100% for all other work functions!

Beer G.

I’m 21 and get horrribbbleee Sunday Scaries. I heard about this through the Chatty Broads podcast and I’ll never drink again with out it

Julia C.

I was surprised at the quality of sleep I was able to get after taking DHM. Usually I the next morning my head is foggy, but I was in a lot better condition than usual the next day!

Ryan R.