"Absolutely amazing! Will never drink again without these. They make the next day after a night out bearable. So thankful!"

-Laura, 29

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I brought some packs to some social distancing gathering this long weekend. People are pumped about the product.

Sean M.

These made me go from an all day upset stomach, tired, headache state to a little sleepy the next day. These are amazing!


Great stuff! Eliminated the next day fog and allowed me to be productive even after drinking the night before.

Jordan H.

It was awesome. The packets came fast. They work so well! It’s definitely worth every penny.

Dana .

I’m often in situations where having a few beers is a normal part of my job. These have been a great addition to those days and making sure I awake refreshed and operating at 100% for all other work functions!

Beer G.

Been using DHM for awhile now. If you have a weekend planned and have no time to waste after a long night you need DHM to keep you going. There is truly no better way to ensure you are ready to go the next morning. Absolutely electric product thank god for the recommendation from Paul Bissonette.

Lynden B.

I socialize regularly and was always feeling like a bag of d*cks the next morning. DHM detox makes me feel like a million bucks so i can start goin the next day right where I left off. Totally recommend. All my fellow booze bags, you won't be disappointed.

Jake N.