Our Story

We believe that life is meant to be lived to its fullest, and that the moments we experience with friends, family, even strangers, enrich and fuel us to be the best version of ourselves.

We commit to showing up and giving it our all, every day – in the boardroom, at the gym, from the late night party to the early morning coffee date - they say rest is for the wicked.

Between all of our commitments, life starts to take its toll – we’re stressed, sleepy, and recovery is harder than it used to be. But, does it have to be?

No Days Wasted ® brings supplements, backed by science, that help you maximize life’s moments – from proactively providing immune support, keeping you optimally hydrated, to simply helping you get up and going after a night out with friends (maybe after a drink or two) – we strive to help you feel your best, everyday.

Meet Our Experts

Nishal Kumar, BSc

CEO, Founder

“Our mission is to create functional, science-backed products that allow us to be our best on a daily basis. The reality is, we live for the moment and experiences – so if we can be educated on the ingredients that are best suited to promote a healthy lifestyle, then we can feel and perform our best.

No Days Wasted uses plant powered formulations, where available, and takes pride in sourcing ingredients from natural sources. Quality and optimization are our focus.”

Dr. Forst, MD

Scientific Advisor

“The work Nishal and his team are doing is great. Antioxidants are critical in recovery, and Vitamin C, D and zinc are very important in supporting the immune system. Additionally, hydration is often overlooked and by staying properly hydrated you can stop problems before they even have a chance to start.”

Naresh Thumati, PhD

Quality Control, Scientific Advisor

“We’re focused on sourcing quality ingredients that provide a great foundation for our products – safe and effective delivery is key. Our emphasis on using plant-based and functional ingredients has lead to great products in DHM Detox & Hydration Replenisher, with many more to come.”